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Hello, welcome to the Lampman Music Boosters!

The Lampman Music Boosters has been a long-standing extension of the school to promote musical interests among our students. It is made up of the parents/caregivers of all grades 5-12 students that are enrolled in the band program in Lampman School. Once a student enrolls in the band program, the parents/caregivers automatically become members of the Lampman Music Boosters. There will be a minimum of 2 meetings per year with a treasurer report. Any communication from the executive will be through notes sent through the school and via emails and/or Edsby. The band teacher will pull parent/caregiver emails from Edsby and provide a list to the executive.

The executive members of the Lampman Music Boosters are elected for two-year terms, providing the members have children in band at Lampman School. The executive is those who are willing to volunteer their time. They take on responsibility to organize and/or assist with fundraising activities, as well as assist with the needs of a band trip where appropriate (bookings, etc.). If anyone is interested in being on the executive, please discuss with the current executive.

Money raised by the Lampman Music Boosters can go towards a variety of activities to promote musical interests in our students. This could include but is not limited to sponsorship for a student to go band camp, band/music festivals, purchasing a new instrument, band day trips, and multi-day trips.

It is the band teacher who makes the decisions regarding any band trip. This includes where to go, when to go, the cost of the trip per student, grades eligible to go, etc. Band trip details may vary depending on the year. The band trip may also include students from other schools where the band teacher also has programs.

Each year that there is a band trip planned, the band teacher will determine the cost of the trip and share this information with the executive. Fundraisers organized by the Lampman Music Boosters can help families offset the cost of the band trip. Fundraisers will be decided at the September meetings.

On band trip years, money raised by students attending the trip will go directly towards the band trip. On years without a band trip, or money fundraised by students that are not eligible for the band trip (depending on which grades decided by the band teacher), the money will go into the Lampman Music Boosters account.

There will be a non-refundable deposit required for all students attending the band trip. This deposit will go to the band teacher and deposited into the school’s account for band, which is a separate account from the Music Boosters. The band teacher will be kept current with funds raised towards the band trip and will use this information to determine the remaining costs needed for the trip. If necessary, families may be asked to make another payment, at a date decided by the band teacher, to cover the remaining costs.

All families with students in band are strongly encouraged to participate in fundraising. For the April 2024 band trip, all senior student attending the trip are expected to fundraise to help offset the total cost of the trip.

A motion made by the executive for allocated funds towards a given event/expense will be voted on by the Lampman Music Boosters Committee. For example, it could be decided that a specific activity is paid for, or a dollar donation per student is allocated.

If there are any questions, the executive can be reached at [email protected]


Chair – Kate Halkyard                                                                  Vice Chair – Nicki Quinn

Treasurer – Allison Massel                                                         Secretary – Camilla Koster

Lampman School Teacher – Emily Richards                     Principal of Lampman School – Annmarie Rosner